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  1. Address book not loading properly

  2. Address for IRS USPS Certified Mail

  3. Bad SCAN Sheet or Missing SCAN File

  4. Can I have a letter pulled from the USPS Mail Stream?

  5. Can I send Certified Mail out of the United States?

  6. Can You Send Certified Mail to Canada or Mexico?

  7. Can you send USPS Certified Mail to a PO Box?

  8. Can't Log In

  9. Certified Mail Electronic Delivery Confirmation Email

  10. Clearing Browser Data and Cookies

  11. Custom Letter Tracking Delivery Reporting (Partner)

  12. Download Excel Certified Mail Batch Template

  13. Electronic Return Receipt for USPS Certified Mail

  14. Email Notifications for Deliveries of USPS Certified Mail

  15. Error: "Combination of Services not Available"

  16. FAQ’s About Account Balance

  17. Flat 10 x 13 Envelope

  18. How can I tell what version of Adobe I have?

  19. How can I use the Address Book?

  20. How do I cancel a label and credit my account?

  21. How do I get a Refund for my Certified Mail?

  22. How Do I Get Proof of Mailing?

  23. How do I order Certified Mail Envelopes?

  24. How Do I Print a Certified Mail Return Receipt Signature

  25. How Do I Print A Label or Get Started Now

  26. How do I track my Certified Mail using CML?

  27. How do I track my Certified Mail?

  28. How does Return Receipt Electronic for USPS Certified Mail work?

  29. How does USPS Certified Mail electronic confirmations work for IRS records?


  31. How long does it take USPS to deliver a Certified Letter?

  32. How Many Days After Creating A Label Can I Request A Refund?

  33. How to import CSV data into an Excel Workbook

  34. How to Re-Print a Label?

  35. How To Set-Up A New Account

  36. I can't close my Preview Label window...

  37. Lost Certified Mail Receipt or Lost Certified Mail Tracking Number

  38. Mail Manifest

  39. My Label is Stuck...

  40. No Proof of Delivery - How Do I Get Proof of Certified Mail Delivery

  41. No Signatures Displaying for My Certified Mail

  42. Print Problems Printing My Certified Mail Labels

  43. Refunds and Credits to Your Account

  44. Sample Preview Label

  45. Signature After Mailing Procedure

  46. Supported and Unsupported Characters for Certified Mail Labels

  47. Upload PDF Letter to Mail - No Preview to Approve

  48. USPS Certified Mail - Required Green Banner

  49. What Are My Payment Options?

  50. What can I do if my Certified Mail is not Delivered?

  51. What does 'Combination of Services Unavailable' mean?

  52. What does Fault: faultcode: soap: Client, faultstring mean?

  53. What is a SCAN Form?

  54. What is Address Verification?

  55. What is the Firm Book

  56. Where can I find the receipt of payment for Certified Mail I sent?

  57. Where do I find my Account Number?

  58. Why am I not getting my EDC Emails?

  59. Why are my Certified Numbers in Scientific Notation?

  60. Why Did Tracking Stop on My Certified Mail Letter?

  61. Why do I need to import CSV data?

  62. Why is my SCAN form Blank?

  63. Why Isn't My Balance Updated?

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